When Buying a Car for Your Teenagers

By: Auto City Fredericton   |   23 Apr 2019
mother and teenage daughter driving

When Buying a Car for Your Teenagers

Let’s face it, when your teenager finally gets their license, you’re terrified, but when it comes to buying their first car you can control what they drive and make sure it’s the safest thing possible for them. It can be both rewarding and challenging buying their first car – scary but rewarding. When looking for a car for your teenager, there is lots of things to take into consideration – such as reliability and safety.

Will the Car be Reliable? 

Looking at a vehicles history report is important – checking the car proof is a super big part of looking for a car, this will tell you what the cars history is. You can see if it has been in an accident and how much damage was fixed on the vehicle – this was also give you an idea as to whether the car is worth the price and see if it will be good enough for your teenager.

Even though you can check the car proof make sure you take a walk through of the vehicle yourself, take someone with you who might know a little something about cars! This way you can keep an eye out for anything that might have been looked over – make sure you take a look under the hood and check the floor for any fluid leaks. Inspect the paint and the body for any signs of body repair, check the tires for any uneven tread (there is so much to look for).

Make sure you take it for a test drive to check for any weird sounds and make sure it drives smooth and make sure the breaks feel steady! If you get any unusual feelings, don’t feel good about a deal or don’t think the car is where it should be, don’t buy it. You’re buying for your baby, so you want to make sure it is the perfect vehicle!

Will the car be safe enough?

When looking at cars you want to look a little newer, cars that have good reviews and what feels comfortable to them. Driving a car that is too big can be unsafe as they might not know how to control it, and older car might have issues they don’t see or recognize as easily, and good reviews just gives you a piece of mind that you bought the right care for them.

Again with it being reliable all the same ideas apply to safety, double and triple check everything, take a friend along with you. You want to make sure its safe, secure and a smooth ride for them.

Other things to look for! 

When buying for a teenager there is a couple of extra things to check for such as

• Is the car suited for the intentions of the teenager?
• fuel efficiency? (they are teenagers, they usually can’t afford a large tank of gas, I know I couldn’t)
• Insurance rates – for a teenager it’s typically more expensive but for a sports car with a teenager would be considerably more expensive.
• potential up keep expenses – you don’t want them to have a car that cost them so much in repairs down the road.

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