Extended Used Vehicle Warranty Programs with Auto City

Protect Your Vehicle and Bank Account From Unplanned Repairs

Make sure your vehicle has a long life, and protect your bank account from unplanned repair costs by opting for an extended warranty. As any vehicle ages, the higher the likelihood it will need repairs and maintenance. With an extended warranty, that’s okay!

Our inventory of quality pre-owned cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs have gone through extensive inspections, and we only put the absolute best vehicles available up for sale. Still, modern vehicles have thousands of mechanical and electronic parts and even the highest quality, brand new vehicles can have issues from time to time. You can ensure you’ll be driving your pre-owned vehicle for a long time to come by investing in one of our extended warranty programs.

Why Extended Warranties?

We are proud to offer flexible extended warranty programs from CoverageOne. With a range of warranties available, we have the right program to suit your needs and budget. Make sure your vehicle is protected, contact us about extended warranty options today. All of this comes on top of our lifetime engine warranty that comes free of charge on every vehicle? Yep!

We offer five different extended warranty options: Eliminator, Guardian, Sentinel, Pinnacle, and Ultimate coverage. Each one offers varying levels of coverage based on your needs and technical qualifications in caring and maintaining your vehicle. Find the details of each below.


Our Eliminator warranty covers your engine, turbo Charger, transmission, transfer Case, and drive axle. For the most basic extended warranty we offer, it covers quite a bit!


Our Guardian warranty covers everything outlined in the Eliminator warranty, plus your steering, brakes, and air conditioning. Because winter is cold, but summer is too darn hot!


The Sentinel is one of our most popular warranty programs. It covers everything included in the Eliminator and Guardian packages, as well as electrical and fuel delivery options.


The Pinnacle of performance warranties, this package covers everything in Eliminator, Sentinel, and Guardian, as well as your front/rear suspension, heating and cooling, as well as enhanced electrical systems coverage.


What does it cover? Pretty much everything. On top of everything mentioned in the other programs, the ultimate warranty covers a huge list of parts and services and is our best value and most comprehensive option out there.

Ready to Get Your Used Car With an Extended Warranty?

Contact the experts at Auto City Fredericton. If you plan to sell your used vehicle down the road, your warranty may even be transferable to the new owner! This means you are likely to receive a higher resale value than without it. Just another reason to choose Auto City!

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